November 2014 in Photos

Winter finally hit, with cold club runs and muddy cyclo-cross races.

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October 2014 in Photos

Finishing off VCLs 50th year, surely the most successful year in the history of the club – Ethan and Fred won the U16 national madison championships both sharing the 5th national title won by the club this year.

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September 2014 in Photos

September maintained the late-summer warmth, and marked the finishing of the racing season.

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August 2014 in Photos

Another month, another national champion photo for the headline image. Fred won VCLs 8th and 9th (by my count) national championship in the last 15 years of recent memory, to add to the club’s 7th, and his first last month. To make the first result even sweater, Ethan took the silver medal alongside him in the pursuit.

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July 2014 in Photos

This month I thought it was about time to have a photo of the seniors as the header photo. Maybe their great results at the Herne Hill team champs, or the impressive riding at the Tour of Sussex. Instead, it really can’t be anything other than these two photos:

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June 2014 in Photos

So many photos this month. Hope you’re not viewing this on your phone – it’ll smash your data limit in one hit! Continue reading

May 2014 in Photos

The racing season is in full flow this month. Along with all the action shots, it also brought rain and a fair few crashes! Continue reading

April 2014 in Photos

A bumper crop of photos this month, testament to just how much is going on for club members at the moment.

Starting on the road. Philip, Iain and Andy Snowball have been getting stuck into a few particularly mucky Surrey League races. VCL is hosting a round of the Thursday night handicaps on 8th May. Let Chris Cole know if you can help out.

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March 2014 in Photos

The month started with Fred and Max riding the Sprintfest event in Manchester. A national level event, and rare occasion for a full sprint competition, qualification, heats, finals – the lot! Both rode very well with Fred finishing 4th overall, and Max an excellent 2nd.

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VCL 50th Anniversary Dinner

We hold our annual dinner early every year. Since the night mainly serves to summarise the year we don’t usually document the night itself. This year however, being the club’s 50th birthday celebrations – it was something special.

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