Winter 2015/2016

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Tuesdays – Strength and conditioning for cyclists

18.30-19:45 on Tuesdays in the UPSTAIRS ROOM, Methodist Church Hall, 155 Half Moon Lane. Starting on Tuesday 10th November and continuing throughout the winter. Please bring your own yoga mat. Note there will also be another yoga class in the downstairs room – we are in the upstairs room. Youth £2 – Juniors £3 – Adults £5

Run by Brigit this year, these sessions will focus on strengthening the core and enhancing structural fitness throughout the body. The sets will be

designed with cyclists in mind, and use a mixture of Pilates, yoga poses and old-school strength and conditioning exercises. It’s suitable for all levels as moves can be scaled up or down to suit the individual.

Strong core? This ‘power centre’ of deep (mainly slow-twitch) muscles is essential for stability, speed, strength and endurance. Good core strength provides a robust foundation for almost everything you do in the saddle from powering up hills, sprinting to the finish and maintaining good form during a long ride.

Structural fitness? All the body parts arranged and functioning the way nature intended. Cycling gives you great cardiovascular fitness but your body can take a right beating. It requires being in constant forward flexion which causes excessive bending of the lower back, a forward tilt of the pelvis, over stretching in the upper back and a closing of the chest. All of this puts strain on the joints and spine and needs to be addressed to guard against injury and stay in good shape.

Thursdays – Senior Chaingang

Through the winter we have a club chaingang on road bikes at Herne Hill Velodrome every Thursday night from October running throughout winter. Session runs, 6 – 7.30pm and is free of charge. This is not a coached session.

We have a fairly informal warm-up while everyone arrives (getting there from work can be tough) then start the chaingang, which usually takes place in 2 half-hour blocks with some rest in between.

After the first block, we aim to split into two groups, allowing for a faster, intense group for regular racers, and a more relaxed chaingang group for everyone else.

Thursdays - Youth Club Cluster of Training

British Cycling run their club cluster of training sessions, open to racing riders in youth B, A or Junior categories (by 2016 categories) open to riders from Go-Ride clubs. Many VCL members attend. Sessions are skill-based, hard physical workouts usually comprising of intervals and chaingangs. Runs Thursdays from October onwards. Sign on from 7pm, pre-ride breifing at 7.20, cost £3.

Sunday Club Run

Weekly club road ride leaving at 9.30. During the winter we usually have at least 30 riders out and split into groups based on speed. We usually have a good number of differently paced groups.  We meet on the corner of Birch Tree Ave and Layhams Road – BR49EQ. This gives people the option to be driven out past the heavy suburban traffic. Smaller groups do meet in Herne Hill/Dulwich just before 9am to ride out the the meeting point.

VCL Calendar

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