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Youth Clothing

The kit is manufactured by an Italian company Giessegi, we consider their garments well priced and
great quality. I aim to keep enough in stock to fit from six to sixteen years old.

Youth Price list as of May 2017

Short Sleeve Race Jersey £24
Bib shorts £26
Long sleeve Jersey £28
Skinsuits £35
Winter Jackets £45

The link to their catalogue page is here:

Cycling in cold weather – Advice for Children

As the Autumn rolls in, the temperature dips sharply in the evenings. It’s common to hear the kids say I don’t feel cold, after having spent the day in a warm class room and possibly driven in a warm car but once the sun goes down at Herne Hill that’s when the cold start to bite and the kids start to suffer. When arriving at the evening sessions, riders should have suitable clothing on or with them. The coaches may refuse to allow a youth to join in the training session if they consider them to be inadequately dressed for the weather conditions

In addition to the basics, helmet, mitts/gloves and baselayer, arms and legs should be covered. A neck buff might be needed for winter riding against the chill wind and rain. Arm and leg warmers are frequently worn so can be removed if the day is warmer than usual. The best sized warmers for growing youths of 11+ are the X small Italian brands, though not a cheap option. An online search could find a bargain. A  recommended cheaper option is below from Kids Racing UK.

The Club’s fleece lined long sleeve jackets are excellent when worn as a third layer for training. For winter riding, we order a very few Club Windtex warmer jackets. The very small adult Club Windtex rain-resistant jackets, would fit the growing 12+ year old. Sadly, our supplier doesn’t offer them in youth sizes. Another great option, the Stowaway jacket is listed below.

Kids Racing UK is a company that specialises in online sales of child specific products that are very hard to source in the UK, that is for 5/6 years and older. It aims to supply a full range of the best kids’ products, having items made specifically to their specifications in children’s proportions. Kids Racing stock all the kit items I would love to supply but honestly can’t because of storage and cost. So below are the items I recommend:

Arm Warmers
These currently online are a lycra material available in different colours. Fleece lined versions will be available soon but only in black. @£12. The small size would be suitable for a 5/6 year old. The cut is slim so suitable for the slimmer limbs of a growing child

Leg Warmers
These are fleece lined with a full length zip, so are great for winter racing and are very popular with those keen racing cyclo-cross. The XX small size are suitable for 7 years, X small, for 9 years. Apparently generously sized.

Stowaway cape/ clear Jacket
These are wind proof jackets that are transparent so the club colours and race number can still be
seen, again up till now as rare as hen’s teeth in the UK. Available from age 6 years and true to size.

In development, so still to come, are skull caps and neoprene shoe covers sized for children, so worth
keeping an eye on their media sites for updates.Postage is £3.50 or free for orders of more than £50. Could be worth clubbing together?

Their address is

Feel free to chat, I’m mostly at sign on every Friday afternoon or contact me for advice or to arrange
to buy extra kit.

Adult Clothing

Adults have the choice of buying kit from two companies.

Champion Systems

Jason Cattermole developed the current design and colours through Champion Systems for the 50th Anniversary celebration. The company offer a range of garment levels and options to add on to the garments including longer leg length on the bibshorts; all at extra cost of course.

Champion System garments are preferred by some members. Their garments are ordered direct from the company, not stocked by the club. When sufficient demand is expressed, we arrange an order window. Currently an order window is opened two or three times a year, when an email is sent to members announcing the dates and ordering procedure. The drawback is the cost; the kids’ garments are the same price as the adults, minus the VAT! The price seen on screen with the garment includes VAT and shipping.


Initially VC de Londres used this company to provide the youth’s kit, however their adult range is equally great quality and well priced, although the style options are limited for some items. As with the youth kit, I keep a stock of the most popular items, in sizes XXS to 5XL subject to availability, race jerseys, fleecy tops, bib shorts and Winter Jackets; as well as Women’s specific cut jerseys, fleeces and chamois in the bibshorts.

If you want to try on kit to check for size e-mail Cris and we can arrange a mutually convenient time.

The prices and style numbers are listed below.

Adult Giessegi Price list as of May 2017

Male 03315, £41
Male Bioceramic fabric 03313, £46
Female 03319, £46

Male 05359, £44
Male Endurance pad 05338, £55
Female Endurance pad 05338, £55

Male 04121, £46
Female 04115, £46

(short sleeve, with pockets)
Male 8145, £65
Female 8145, £65

Rain Jacket 11062, £55
Wind Vest 9060, £39

The link to their catalogue page is here:

For all enquires regarding Club Kit please contact Chris Aniszewski: