Training Advice

Guidelines for how much, and what type of training riders should be doing

Use our club calendar to look what sessions are available, and the advice below. Discuss your training with club coaches:

Training Frequency

U12s – upto 3 sessions per week.
Try as many disciplines as possible, as well as other sports.

U14s – 4 sessions per week.
Try 3 disciplines

U16s, Juniors and committed seniors – 5 sessions per week.
Try at least 2 disciplines, work on specific components of fitness on rollers or turbo.

Training Variety

Mix up the sessions you do:

  • Racing
  • Rollers
  • Turbo
  • Track Session
  • Road Rides
  • Off-road riding
  • Specific Drills
  • Skills Session

Variety makes you a more complete rider and keeps things fun and interesting. You should practice weaknesses unless you have very specific racing requirements.