Welfare and Safeguarding

Hi, I’m Cris the club’s Welfare Officer, if members have bought club kit, then, I will be familiar to you.

We are a Go-Ride Club so we follow British Cycling policies and procedures for child protection, equal opportunities and inclusion. You can view British Cycling policies here.

The Welfare Officer is a point of contact for anyone with any welfare concerns. I or Coaches are happy to listen, advise and take necessary action with any concerns or issues relating to the welfare of young people and vulnerable adults.

Be assured, concerns regarding the welfare of all children and vulnerable adults, especially when dealing with sensitive issues are handled with the greatest of sensitivity and discretion.

Where appropriate, the details of the concern will be passed on to British Cycling’s Safeguarding Team at the earliest opportunity.

To contact me, use crisaniszewski@gmail.com or vclkit@gmail.com


The taking, and publication on the internet, of images of under-sixteens is an increasingly sensitive issue. British Cycling has introduced the following policy to help protect members in this age group, which VC Londres will adopt:

  • VC Londres will make every effort to limit shots taken, or published on its website, of riders in the under sixteen categories to images which involve racing or formal training or formal club on-the-bike activities.
  • Off-the-bike shots of this age group will be limited to groups of riders unless provided by and with consent from a parent or guardian of the young person.
  • VC Londres will always remove images from its website upon request to the club secretary where reasonable.